UnityGUI Navigation Through Script

I’m currently using Unity 5.3.2 and have made a menu using the default UnityGUI. Is there a way to navigate this menu with code? I am trying to add Steam Controller support to my game, but it doesn’t use the built in inputs and axis. All I can get from the Steam Controller is a true or false when each button is pressed, or when an analog stick has moved on the controller.

I’ve figured out how to simulate a “submit” button press using this post, but am unable to figure out how to navigate the menu through code.

For the Steam Controller, I currently have the analog stick returning true for four separate actions (up, down, left, right). Does anyone know if there is a way to make it so that if “up” returns true to make the menu selection move up, and when the “down” returns true to make the menu selection move down?

make an int which is for example 0

0 means you are on the first gui and when you are on the first guy or int = 0 color of gui is lighter
when int = 0 also you can only go to a button next to button with int = 0 when you press right or get the right axis you move to the right gui button int changes to 1 and you lightup the second
again you can go left so int 1 changes to 0

excuse my french !
hope you understand it