UnityGUI or normal GUI elements?

Hey there,

I’ve been looking through all my scripts and generally I tend to use both elements of both UnityGUI and the normal GUI system. I was wondering what the best approach to GUI would be? Would it be best for, say consistency and more options, to use only UnityGUI? Or would it instead be best to use a combination of both systems? Personally, I think that the normal GUI system (GUITextures and GUITexts) is super clunky in terms of positioning, etc., but it’s easy for editing styles and textures, etc.

In short, what does everybody else think?

Thanks, Klep

Normal GUI isn’t that clunky once you reset the transform’s position and only use pixelInset to place your textures.

Both are really poor performance wise (1 draw call per texture), but OnGUI is worse apparently. Plus OnGUI is not multitouch, so pretty useless in certain cases…

It can be faster for quick prototypes, though.

There’s a lot of positive talk on NGUI these days, you might want to check it out too.