UnityIOS Managing Assets (my strategy)

Hey guys,

I am currently working on my first IOS game. Its been in development for some time, and I wanted to get some input on my strategy for managing / accessing assets. So heres the basic scheme:

Instead of loading all assets from resources, I have all textures / objects in game, but off screen( as shown in picture below). From here I do a one time gather up of all these assets ( on creation of the assets class by game manager ) with GameObject.Find() and save them all to a public static class named “gameAssets” in public static variables, and thats it. I then grab these assets when they are needed and bring them into view.

So Im just looking for some constructive criticism, mainly on whether you think this is a decent way to handle asset management. Thanks for your time!

game editor view of assets

There are many ways to handle your assets. If this works for you, then it works for you. The obvious things I’d think about is that you should be wary of memory usage (if your app uses a lot of content - you’ll be keeping all of your assets in memory regardless of if you need them or not) and the possibility of any scripts interacting with your “assets” in undesired ways, or any scripts running on them. But if you have made sure that those aren’t real problems, then you don’t have those problems of course :slight_smile:

What is the reason you want to keep them in the scene rather than loading them from Resources? Are you seeing some real benefits with this approach? Perhaps this is better suited for discussion in the forums instead.