Unitypackage stuck at 3ds max files


I’ve got a small problem, i exported an old scene of mine as a unitypackage. Now the day has come where i want to continue working on it, i’ve got one small issue though.

Whenever i try to import the file it gets stuck at the 3DS Max files, this is rather odd since i have installed the proper versions of 3ds max on my computer, both 2010 and 2012 is installed.

Thanks in Advance


A) Unity open max with 3dsMax which is set as association in Windows (which means that if you have 2010 max file, but Windows opens 3dsMax 2012 by default for max files, then Unity will use 3dsMax 2012 too).

B) 3dsMax 2012 has a bug which causes Unity to hang when exporitng max files. You need to install service pack for 3dsMax 2012 (you can find it on Autodesk site)

C) Unity 3.4 will have a timeout for max imports (IIRC, 3 minutes)

Turns out i forgot to install 3DS max 2010 on my laptop, seems like unity work with 3ds max in converting the files to a new file version automatically, i solved it by reinstalling max 2010 on my laptop while uninstalling every other max installation i had.