UnityRendering.h not compiling on Unity 2017.2.b9 with xcode 9 beta 6

Hey guys and gals,

I'm getting these errors when build an iOS app with Unity 2017.2.b9 and xcode 9 beta 6.

.../Builds/xcode/Classes/Unity/UnityRendering.h:166:1: Unknown type name 'bool'
.../Builds/xcode/Classes/Unity/UnityInterface.h:131:1: Unknown type name 'bool'

Any idea what's causing this?



Hey could you send me a repro project (or just plugin) so I could verify the fix (Through bug report or attachment ...)?

Oh no need, we just abled to reproduce it. Fix will probably hit next release.

Great, thanks :) Is it fixed in b10? Or will it be fixed in b11?

Probably b11 as back-porting will take time.

OK, thanks. Please do your best to get this in to b11 as it's definitely a breaking issue for people working on ARKit and ARCore at the same time (which would be most people working with AR, I suppose). Cheers!

pgeorges-dpt It should be fixed in f2

Great :) Thanks. ETA?