Unity's bug or error, Failed to present D3D11 swapchain due to device reset/removed

When I change the scene, I get this error. I’ve no clue What is it? I’m developing a game. please help me, what should I do?

Something is crashing your GPU. Could be an infinite loop in a shader, out of bounds access to a computeShader buffer, etc.
Unfortunately this error won’t tell you much more. Either try to remove stuff from the scene, or start a new scene and add content one by one to see what’s causing the issue.

Since we don’t know more about your project, it’s hard to tell you more. Could be an issue in some asset you installed.

My project on the RPG MULTIPLAYER GAME. I had never got this error in the last 2 years. In this month, I’ve got this error when I exit the scene.

I can’t remove the stuff from the scene because I’m developing this game in the last 3 months. I have done so much hard work on it.

you have any other solutions?

Obviously, remove stuff without ruining your work… I really hope you have at least some version control.
If not, then make a backup or something. The point is to find what exactly is causing the issue.
Would be easier with version control :slight_smile: