Unity's GUI Icons are Blurry..?

After a windows update the icons in Unity’s GUI have gone blurry as seen in photo below


After looking at windows update history i saw that it had installed a update for a driver on my laptop (as seen below)


And when i opened the Amd Vision Engine control panel i had none of the normal buttons there…

I have no idea if it is to do with the drivers or if its just a setting i can change. I have looked around on my laptop and have found nowhere to un-install the updates. Here are the specs for my laptop:

Hp Pavilion g6 Notebook Pc
AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz (PROCESSOR)

AMD Radeon HD 7520G + 7670M Dual Graphics (Graphics Cards (There is usually a section for these in the Amd Control Panel but this is now missing))

I want to get Unity so it doesnt look so weird but mainly i just want to fix my Graphics card because it seems as though something didnt work…? As i previously stated i am yet to find somewhere i can un-install these updates after 2hrs of looking

It looks like your graphics driver failed installation. Have you been to AMD’s website to try to find the latest driver?