Unity's UI is not responsive enough.

In my case Unity's UI is not responsive enough.
May the code below cause it?
in Update method I use this

if (Input.touchCount > 0) { OnDemandRendering.renderFrameInterval = 1; }
OnDemandRendering.renderFrameInterval = 5;

because I use this
Application.targetFrameRate = 150;
OnDemandRendering.renderFrameInterval = 5;

You could tell us, is the code you shared causing this? If you change the values or remove the code, do you still see the issue? And please be specific, what do you mean by "responsive enough".

I can share my game after google play approves it, you can see it by yourself.

Sorry I don't follow. You typically don't want to publish your game until it's working as you want. And I can't see by myself because I can't change the code and try different values, as I suggested. Have you confirmed that the code you shared is causing the issue yourself by removing it and/or changing the values? Ideally BEFORE you publish!