Unityscript code completion support in Monodevelop

I am using Unity v5.3.4f1 personal edition. Whilst using Monodevelop for scripting in Unityscript, i was unable to find the code completion feature for Unityscript. Do Unity no longer supports this feature for Monodevelop.
As a tweak, could anyone tell me the Monodevelop version which supported the Unityscript code completion feature. I could replace the built-in Monodevelop with the one which supports the Unityscript code completion.

Please, do a quick search before asking:

As you can see, 5.3’s MonoDevelop version took JS out.

Summin up the link’s answer:

Install 5.2;

Install your desired version;

Delete MonoDevelop from your desired version;

Copy-Paste the MonoDevelop from 5.2 to your desired version.

Also, I so reccomend you to learn C#, it’s easy to understand the syntax difference between them, and Visual Studio’s auto completion is so much better.

The latest version should use Visual Studio, not MonoDevelop, and it’s probably from Microsoft. You may get warnings using it with JS scripts. It’s rare if it opened up MonoDevelop… at least for me on the latest version. I didn’t know MonoDevelop even had versions.