UnityScript Object Referencing

Hi guys, I was just wondering, how could I call on or reference a 3D object in Unity using UnityScript? I once made games with Blender 3D, and I coded in Python. Referencing objects used a couple of modules, but it was easy and worth it. I hope I can do so too in Unity, because Blender’s runtime is huge and incompatible with most Windows platforms. :)I am still a beginner with Unity Script, but I do know the basics, especially functions and classes.

As Eric said, what you’re asking for is in the basic functionality of Unity.

GameObjects and Transforms are the main way you access ‘3D objects’ in-scene. Check these docs out:

You should also check out the unity concepts of GameObjects vs Components, and perhaps look into Rigidbodies if you’re interested in Physics.

Good luck.