UnitySerializer LoadObjectTreeFromServer

I am using SaveObjectTreeFromServer without issue.
I am trying to download the same object with LoadOjbectTreeFromServer and all I get is this error:

ssets/ScriptsMenu/SaveToServer.js(20,53): BCE0017: The best overload for the method ‘JSONLevelSerializer.LoadObjectTreeFromServer(String, function(JSONLevelLoader): void, function(String): void)’ is not compatible with the argument list ‘(String, function(): void)’.

I’ve looked at the Docs and it says that I need a URL for where to get the file as a string. Code below:

Any help would be great.

function OnMouseDown (){
        var nameOfCube : String;
    	this.nameOfCube = gameObject.name.ToString();
    	print(this.nameOfCube + " selected.");	
    	JSONLevelSerializer.SaveObjectTreeToServer("ftp://servername.com/" + this.nameOfCube + ".json", gameObject, "username", "password", TestFunction);
    	yield WaitForSeconds(2);
    function TestFunction () {
    	yield WaitForSeconds(2);
    	JSONLevelSerializer.LoadObjectTreeFromServer("http://servername.com/" + this.nameOfCube + ".json", FunctionName);

The documentation is bad.

Below is what the function actually requires. 3 arguments.

LoadObjectTreeFromServer(string uri, Action<JSONLevelLoader> onComplete = null, Action<string> onError = null

1.String URI
2.Function Error
3.Function Pass

The documentation says:
“static void JSONLevelSerializer.LoadObjectTreeFromServer (string uri, Action onComplete = null” It then goes on to list 2 requirements.
Link: http://whydoidoit.com/documentation/html/class_j_s_o_n_level_serializer.html#a0aba2df57f8dab39d74848153fa82ec0

The way I solved the error is by simply adding ‘null, ‘ to the list of arguments passed. Below will not throw errors.
JSONLevelSerializer.LoadObjectTreeFromServer(“http://servername.com/”; + this.nameOfCube + “.json”, null, FunctionName);