UnitySteer 2.0 Vehicle turning speed?

I'm currently using UnitySteer to make my pathfinding code framework more robust.... and it's working on a very general level. I'm now throwing some obstacles in the way to see if the system holds up... and I ran into an odd issue where if there are obstacles near a point I'm trying to get to.... the vehicle (in this case a capsule representing a humanoid) will turn slowly in circles... much like a car/boat would.

The actual problem can be fixed on my end... but I did wonder how turning speed could be adjusted. Humanoid game entities don't have such arcing turns as a car/boat/plane. Is there a standard way to tighten up the turns with UnitySteer 2.0?


Hello David,

I replied this to a similar question a few weeks ago:

you could add a MaxAngleRotation or RotationSpeed to AutonomousVehicle.ApplySteeringForce. It should be a fairly simple addition.

As usual, there are several ways to do something...

Another good candidate would be Vehicle's RegenerateLocalSpace, which is where the transform's forward vector gets actually adjusted. That method can be overridden on a Vehicle subclass to, for instance, not divide against the full speed but only a fraction of it (or not at all).

Yet another way to create more believable behavior is having a new behavior, something like SteerForTurning, which notices if the vehicle is planning to turn and decelerates (which is more involved than the other solutions).