UnityWebPlayer security policy

I'm using uniTUIO in my WebPlayer application, so I need it to listen for an UDP from the localhost, but player's security policy blocks it. I'm new to Unity, so I cant find out how to modify security settings and if it's possible at all.

I'll be thankful for any help and guides about that!

A webplayer built can't listen on a socket!

There’s only one exception: The built-in RakNet-Network system. There is no way to open custom listen sockets.


I just had another look on the Security Sandbox page. In general it should be possible to receive UDP packets (since it’s connection less). But you have to provide a policy file. Don’t know if you need it on local host. Read the “listening sockets” part, maybe you’ll find a solution.

Just a little note: You can't even listen on a UDP port. You need to call `recv` and wait for a packet to arrive. I've never done something like that with C# (or JS. In short: mono). Even in c++ i've only worked with TCP. Back in the old days i've works with UDP but that was in Delphi and Windows98 :D