UnityWebRequest crashes app

In our existing iOS app, we’re using UnityWebRequest. When trying to run it in the visionOS simulator, the app crashes when adding the HTTP headers:

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I tried to debug this and found out that all parameters the method is called with are actually void. However, I have no clue how I can track this down to the root call in Unity’s C# code. There must be a difference somehow if visionOS is set as the build target. Our app’s code works fine on iOS.

This is an issue with Unity 2022.3.14. Try .13

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Ok, thanks for the info. Will try. I just upgraded to .14 to resolve another issue :slight_smile:

I am facing the same issue.
Did you find out how to fix this issue ?

Nope. It still crashes on Unity 2023.3.15f1 as well.

You tried that .13 version as well right?
You must be stuck at that point as well.

If you got any workaround in near future please let me know through this thread.

Just tried .13. It seems to work. No crash at app start.

I still see nothing of my app, but that’s most likely because I am using an UI based onboarding process at the beginning.

We also have this crash, for now I can suspend this thread in Xcode and do a continue and it work, but I see the application window floating with ‘loading’ in it, so I guess the crash is in that area.

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I’ve submitted a bug report with a minimal reproducible sample for this: IN-63312

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@joe_nk can you link the issuetracker url for IN-63312 ?

Thx in advance !


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Thank you @joe_nk !

I am facing the same issue.
I switch to Unity 2022.3.13 and there will be an error with UnityExternCall.

We are experiencing the same issue and we are on the .14f1 version.
We have some more info in this thread

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We tried with .12 and it seems to be working there.

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This issue is caused by installing the Intel version of Unity 2022.3.13, and reinstalling the Apple version of Unity 2022.3.13 eliminates this issue. Currently, my program can be run in the simulator.

Hey folks, thanks for reporting this (and thanks for the repro!) – we’re working on tracking it down on our end.

Just noting here that this issue isn’t fixed by 0.7.1 or Unity 2022.3.16f1

we are also seeing this issue on 2022.3.16 with a fully immersive app using the legacy Metal renderer (i.e no polyspatial)