UnityWebRequest fail at bad connection, and doesn't recover when connection is restored

So I have an application that uses UnityWebRequest to communicate with server using http

I’m also using Charles to simulate bad internet connection, but the problem also happens in real life scenarios

So I’m playing the game, everything is fine, then I make my internet connection bad and after a while I get Socket: Broken pipe (Write failed) failure on my requests. No problem so far, connection is super bad, so that’s expected.

But then I make my connection good again, but requests never recover. Instantly after sending a request, I get the same error, for all my requests, all the time.

Problem resolves itself after I move the app into background and back. I’ve checked every piece of my code that gets invoked when app moves into background or foreground, but it doesn’t help. Only actually doing that helps.

I’ve exhausted all my knowledge and ideas on how to fix the problem and I’m stuck. So please, what could be a reason for this happening and how can I solve this?