UnityWebRequest - Going to a URL (without opening)

Hi everyone,

I’m having a nightmare time with what I hoped would be quite simple. The system I’m using for an online highscore leaderboard requires me to load a URL to submit a new leaderboard entry. So for example, if Ben scores 28, by loading. www.myleaderboard.com/ben/28, it stores that as the player’s score and updates the leaderboard accordingly.

However, I’m trying to simply run this URL in-game and I can’t work out the code. At the minute, I have:

public void AddHighScore()
        UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post(testURL, "test");

but I know that’s using a dataForm, which I dont need, as all the data I’m submitting is in the url string itself. All I need is to load a hit on a specific URL string and that’s it. I don’t need to see it, I don’t need anything to open in game. I don’t need extra data sent or received. I just need to go to a URL in the background of the game.

Obviously, swapping from legacy and WWW functionality is causing me issues when searching. Any idea how to do it in UnityWebRequest instead?

Thanks so much in advance, I’m massively unfamiliar with web-linking in Unity and this is all new to me.


Hi Ben,

I guess for your purpose a Get() would be enough instead of a Post().

And don’t forget to call it with SendWebRequest()

You could also probably put it inside a Coroutine, but if you don’t have to check for errors or handle the response in your code, that’s not necessarily needed.

In your case this should work:

 string testURL = "www.myleaderboard.com/ben/28";
 UnityWebRequest www =  UnityWebRequest.Get(testURL);

More details and an example here