UnityWebRequest uploadProgress


I am using UnityWebRequest to form multipart request and upload file to server. To track progress I am checking uploadProgress property of this request. The progress works well on window in Editor mode but when I am running it on android, the uploadProgress always is set to zero.

Does the uploadProgress property works on android? How can I track the uploading progress?

Here is a sample code that demonstrates it:

public IEnumerator SendFile(byte[] bytes)
    List<IMultipartFormSection> formData = new List<IMultipartFormSection>();
    formData.Add(new MultipartFormFileSection("file", bytes, "file_name", "application/octet-stream"));

    var webRequest = UnityWebRequest.Post("url", formData);

    while (!webRequest.isDone)
        yield return null;

        // Progress is always set to 1 on android
        Debug.LogFormat("Progress: {0}", webRequest.uploadProgress);