Universal Render Pipeline ios CRASH

Since it seems like a ghost town over on the ios forum, I'm gonna link this here.

It's really important, and it seems to have no recognition from Unity at all, not in the changelogs, nor in the forums. PLEASE can someone at Unity take a look, many other people other than myself are having this issue, but it's REALLY HARD to submit a bug report as a repro project is very hard for this specific issue


I have linked my own forum post in that one too https://discussions.unity.com/t/931111

With a full stack trace. The stack trace seems to be pretty much the same every time.

This is the 2D forum. Rendering of the Skybox is nothing to do with 2D at all so I have no idea why you're posting this here. The 2D team cannot help you with it nor do I have knowledge of how to help you beyond saying submit a bug report.

This looks like something for the URP forum. Maybe it's better if I close this and move your other post to the URP forum?

I didn't know where else to post my URP related issue, 2d seems close enough, and also the issue is happening in my 2d game.

It would be nice for Unity devs to be active on other forums so I don't have to go attention seeking where I shouldn't be...

I didn't know there was a URP forum, that would be useful yes please

That's not a reason to post here though; We're also not responsible for UI, Audio, Cinemachine, Input, Scripting, ECS (etc) you might be using in your 2D game. All we can do here is say post on the correct forum and maybe someone in the community or a Unity dev will know of the issue.

Your post not being replied to doesn't mean Unity devs are not active. ;) You'll likely find that they'll say submit a bug report because there's no magical way to know what the issue is TBH without a bug report. At best someone might notice that a previous bug has been fixed but that's unlikely.

It's right there on the main page: Graphics.

Not a problem, I'll move your thread to the URP forum.

Done. Hopefully someone will know what the issue may be related to.

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If "disabling multithreading" causes it to crash instantly, can that not be a bug report?

Yeah your original guess to post in the iOS forum was correct as it seems a platform specific issue. Unfortunately it is not an issue we are aware of, and it's hard for us to figure out the issue with the limited information in the forum post.

I would suggest to file a bug report, ideally with a minimal repro project, and then we can take it from there assigning it to the correct team


I'm trying hard to create a repro but It's really hard.

Is it not possible to just see from the stack trace I sent? Also other people are having this issue.