Universal Windows App Support

Does this mean Windows 10 support?
Can you elaborate abit on this as not sure what it means?

I assume this

Thanks intresting link, “Run your app on a Windows 10 phone, a Windows 10 desktop, or Xbox”
Do you know how one would test game on Xbox, is this a seperate package?
Also I really hope we dont have all the issues with Splash Screens as with 8.1 versions…

It looks like there will be a windows 10 upgrade to Xbox One. Then you can test your sofware on the XBox

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As others noted, yes, this is Windows 10 universal apps.

For XBOX: these apps will be able to run on XBOX once Microsoft actually releases Windows 10 for XBOX. Unfortunately, you’ll have to ask Microsoft when they’ll do it as we cannot speak on behalf of them.

Will Substances (Procedural Materials) be supported for (Universal Windows Platform) UWP apps?

It was missing in (Windows Store Apps) WSA, but I am hoping it finally gets available for UWP.

There's no news on that front, unfortunately.

Can we expect to see any of the DX12 related performance improvements in 5.2 when targeting Windows 10 UWP app?

I can see that DX12 is on the roadmap for 5.3, will that bring more DX12 optimization to Windows 10 UWP apps?

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You can definitely expect that in 5.3. Since we actually aren't officially supporting DX12 on 5.2, I can't really promise anything: all the optimization work is going towards 5.3.

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thanks for the info

Linear Color Space problem

When I change Color Space to Linear and build a Win10 Universal app, I get a black screen when running the app. It works fine in the editor and if I build a traditional Windows Standalone application.

Is Linear Color Space expected to work in Win10 Universal apps, is it a bug or just my machine having a problem?

PS: My test is done in a VM, so that could be the problem.

It is definitely expected to work, but on this platform it requires a GPU supporting at least Direct3D feature level 10.0 (virtually any desktop GPU manufactured after 2007). Could you try forcing it to run on the WARP driver? This would eliminate VM as a source of the problem (scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions):


If it's still doesn't work, we'd love to get a repro project along with a bug report.

Same problem after adding appCallbacks.AddCommandLineArg(“-force-driver-type-warp”); [added before InitializeD3DXAML].

I get this in the debug output when the debugger is attached, (guess it the WARP driver):

Version: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.0]
Renderer: Microsoft Basic Render Driver (ID=0x8c)
Vendor: Microsoft
VRAM: 1023 MB

Bug filed with sample project: (Case 710668) Black screen when using Linear Color Space in Windows 10 Universal app

I cannot build Unity 5.2 beta 5 games with target Windows 10 UWP on the release version of Windows 10 + Visual Studio 2015. A completely new blank Unity project generates a broken Visual Studio UWP app project.

I get this warning: The referenced component 'Microsoft Visual C++ 14 AppLocal Runtime Package for Windows UAP' could not be found.

(and 372 errors about stuff that is missing)

Looks like a wrong reference?

Is beta 5 intended to work with UWP and the release version of Windows 10 + VS2015?

I suppose you have Visual Studio 2015 RTM installed?

Current beta only supports Visual Studio 2015 RC - Microsoft changed generated solution format and some other stuff in RTM which broke us. We’re working on fixing that in the next few betas, but since UWP support for VS RTM came out only 3 days ago, we didn’t really have time to fix it yet.

Thanks, I will wait for a newer beta. And yes, I am on the RTM version.

UWP apps for Xbox One will not be available until the Xbox Dashboard preview releases move to Win10. As stated by Tautvydas Zilys.

Anyone wishing to get a Xbox One preview build can PM me, I can invite to the preview program. Please include Xbox Live username so I can invite.

Currently they have the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility support testing, sometime after this will be UWP/Win10. with Win10 on Xbox One intended for release in early 2016.

has the generated solution format from RC to RTM been fixed yet?

No, it is not fixed :( and Windows Store doesn't accept apps for release built with older Visual Studio...

EDIT. But you can workaround it by replacing in *.csproj this:

<!-- A reference to the entire .Net Framework and Windows SDK are automatically included -->

Microsoft Visual C++ 14 AppLocal Runtime Package for Windows UAP

with this:

<!-- A reference to the entire .Net Framework and Windows SDK are automatically included -->


and copying files
from empty VS 2015 windows universal project.

Hopefully this will get patched soon, annoying to edit projects each time you want to test a build.