'Unknown Identifier' - cannot recognize other scripts

This hasn't been a problem with the scripts so far, all of these scripts are old scripts i did a few months ago, but all of a sudden i get a "BCE0005: Unknown identifier: 'OtherScriptName'." error when on the other script i have OtherScriptName.staticvariable. It's like suddently something happened to the game where it can't recognize other scripts, like there's some kind of problem with compiling. All of my scripts are in javascript. I can't think of any changes I've made recently that would cause this problem... any thoughts?

If you put one of your scripts into Plugins, Standard Assets or anything similar, it'll be compiled earlier and won't be able to link with your other scripts that are compiled later. The errors should point at the file in the wrong folder, move it out of there and it should fix it