"unknown scene camera draw mode" error

I had the standard unity, i changed to the beta version however when i un-instailed the beta and re-instailed the standard version i now have this issue.

When a new project is opened the scene opens whith this error message.

Unknown scene camera draw mode

Unity.DockArea: OnGui()

I tried unsuccessfully to open my previous scene and have sent the error report to unity.

As i still have all my scripts for this scene i was hoping just to start over by opening a new project.

update: I reinstailed the beta version and resolved the issue, however i wish to revert back to the standard version of unity.

i have tried a number of times but on each try i still get this message:

Unknown scene camera draw mode

Unity.DockArea: OnGui()

I require instructions on the correct way to instail unity standard without the error.

I have uninstailed unity from my computer but each time i try to download and instail i get the message.

I am a new unity user VERY NEW.

What you could do is just choose another Window layout (or reload the same you have). Go to Window > Layouts and choose one. Problem should be gone after that.

Thankyou reinstailed the beta version problem resolved.

I was finaly able to remove the unity beta 3.5 and re-install unity standard 3.4.2.

The un-installer for unity does not completely un-install Unity,

You need this : Advanced SystemCare Free - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download free tool,

I also deleted the files, Anti-Piracy/License Files.

You can now re-install unity, and complete the registration process.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if when you google unity you did not go directly to the beta version, well at least give a warning that the web player build “WILL ONLY RUN ON YOUR COMPUTER”

Not all new users or beginners would take all the extra hassle, i have had no choice but to remove all previous unity files.

I came very very close to never re-installing unity after the forth attempt.

I am pleased to say i now have unity standard 3.4.2 and look forward to starting again.

Thankyou all for taking the time to read and help were you could.

Issue resolved and closed.