Unknown viewID errors with Object.Instantiate

Hey everyone,

for some days now I got a Problem with my multiplayer Game. OnLevelLoaded each Player spawns with Network.Instantiate and all works fine. Now I wanted to add a Little bit of Action and don’t just spawn the Players somewhere on the battlefield so I decided to drop them from a plane. So I changed my Player script to create that Plane with Object.Instantiate because this is just for decoration it doesn’t Need to be synced via Network. The Player Object becomes sibling of the plane and after some travel distance it gets “dropped” off that plane. Now this Plane seems to cause the following Errors:

-“Networkview Allocated ID:4 not found during lookup. Strange behaviour may occur”

-“Received state Update for view id Allocated ID:4 but the NetworkView doesn’t exist”

These both disappear when I comment out that Plane creation. Everything works fine so far it’s just those Errors that appear and I don’t want to ignore them. Now can anybody tell me why this happens? My Plane Object is just a simple model without any collider or something just a script attached to handle movement and Player Drop. It has no NetworkView attached and no Network communication (like RPC or OnSerializeNetworkView) is done on that Object. So what’S causing those Errors and how can I fix them?
Thanks in advance for any help.

nobody has an idea about that Problem? or does anybody need more info?