unlimited Concurrent Users suggestion ??

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

i recently joined Unity and i’ve seen that it’s not possible to get a lot of Concurrent Users Like ( Lords Mobile ) game …
so is that possible to use my own servers for hosting all players online ?

i really would like to create a game with 1000 or more players playing into the same server and the same map, but i think this Unity limitation will block me :(.

do you have any suggestion ??

Thank you.

ill respond to my question in case someone is having the same question in mind.

so after a year of dev i found a lot of options.

  1. if you are planning to use a non authoritative game server Nakama is the best choice ( open source, social logins, chat , friend system, leaderboards, matchmaking … )u can install it into your server and have millions of concurrent users ( depending on your hardware ) you can also use their authoritative features but they dont have a physics lib ( collision detection … ) .

  2. if you are planning to use an authoritative game server that can handle ( hit detection, lag compensation… ) i think the best way is to use Forge networking remastred + unity headless Instances into your dedicated VPS / machine.