Unload audio from external source

I’m able to load audio from an external directory by making use of the WWW class. The problem I’m having is that I can’t get the audio to unload and this is causing memory leaks.

I am loading audio like this and then storing all audio files in a dictionary for reference:

    newAudioSource = gameObject.AddComponent<AudioSource>();
    newAudioClip = new WWW("file:///" + absolutePath).GetAudioClip(false, false);
    if (newAudioClip != null)
		newAudioSource.clip = newAudioClip;
		audioDict[audioKey] = newAudioSource;

and then I’m trying to unload the audio like this:

        AudioSource sourceToRemove = audioDict[key];

But that’s not working because I can see the that the audio memory is not going down in the profiler. Eventually the app crashes because of too much memory.

Try to dosomething like:
AudioClip clipToUnload = audioDict[key]; clipToUnload.UnloadAudioData(); Destroy(clipToUnload);
And after that remove your dictionary`s item and/or audio source, if need.