Unreliable Audio when switching scenes (Volume to Fully Spatial MR)


with the current Version we are facing an issue where the audio stops working after switching scenes (From a bounded volume to an unbounded one). This does not always happen. We thought we fixed it by setting the audio settings to mono but it isn’t a reliable fix. We tried resetting the audio system and various other fixes from the forum but they dont work. It really sucks for us right now. We have a released game on the app store which suffers from this

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You can hear the audio working for like half a second after switching scenes and then it stops working

Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We’ve heard other users reporting this issue, and it may be fixed in an upcoming Unity release (2022.3.23f1). Some users have reported that calling AudioSettings.Reset() after the issue occurs can get things working again. That version should be available in a few weeks. Please let us know if the AudioSettings.Reset() hack works, or if you are able to update and the issue persists.

Thanks for reporting. Good luck!