Unruly Heroes' environment tech - how to?


I think this is a huge time saver and a great tool for developing 2D platformer of this type. I guess it’s some kind of shader, but I can’t figure how to write one by myself, please give some tips to reproduce this kind of environment tech!

alt text

The object blends with the environment, giving a very good sense of depth, this would save a lot of time for artists and make it possible to create interesting dynamic environments.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Is there no fog in 2D Unity? I have only worked with 3D in unity. I would assume you still would have access to depth (z) when working with 2D inside of Unity.

If there is no native fog in 2D mode, but assuming you have access to depth, you could make transparent layers that looks like fog rolling across the screen. Place it in the background and then other background objects can be placed behind it.