Unskinned meshes of the same material won't batch

I have a reactor asset in my scene that is surrounded by 24 shield emitters - the player has to damage and destroy the shield emitters to be able to shoot through them and damage the reactor.

Each shield emitter consists of 5 meshes - a plane being the shield itself, and then four smaller components that animate and rise up/down depending on whether the shield is active or not. The shield plane has one material, whereas the other 4 meshes share another.

Since each emitter has to react individually to the player firing at it, these are all individual GameObjects - basically 24 parented prefabs each containing 5 child GameObjects with MeshRenderers.

My issue is that this entire setup adds about 100 draw calls, which is around a 50% increase in total draw calls in the game. I am confused as to why dynamic batching does not work in this instance. I would have assumed it to add two draw calls - one for the batched shield planes, and one for all the batched smaller components, since those are the only two materials it uses.

I am using a regular MeshRenderer (not skinned). Am I missing something else here?

Turns out being lightmapped prevented batching from occurring. I made these meshes not use a lightmap and batching now works.