Unsupported enum type

Well heres my code for my enum.

enum PlayerDirection : sbyte
	Left = -1,
	Right = 1

whenever I run, everything works good, and I can Debug.Log the values by casting to int, although im getting these hardmless errors

Unsupported enum type: playerDirection

Unsupported enum type: Left

Unsupported enum type: Right

I’ve tried specifying System.NonSerializable, and I tried [HideInspector] but no luck.
I’ve also tried take out the declaration for sbyte, and it still throws up the first error (but not the last two).

I need them stored this way so I can adjust movement based on direction (addforce (30 * playerDirection)) for example.

I had the same problem with uint enum. Unity seems to manage only int enum. Use int instead of sbyte and it should work.

None of those 3 things it complains about are enum types. So everything looks great.