Untouchable clone object of doom

Hello. I’ve encountered a problem that I don’t understand in the slightest. I have a 3rd person player character, called “player”, and several attackable NPCs. The NPCs are programmed to turn and move towards a game object with the tag, “player”. However, when I run the game, they all head straight for the centre of the scene. When I looked in the inspector to see what on earth they’re targeting, it was called “player(clone)”. This mysterious object is not located in my hierarchy, nor was it created in my script, and it’s panel in the inspector is greyed out. However, I noticed that it had the player tag. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this out.

Ah the old clone object of doom, the (clone) part of the name comes from when you instantiate a prefab, you can change the name afterwards:

var obj=Instantiate(myPrefab,pos,rot);

So this object exists somewhere you should be able to select it in the editor and it reveal it’s location

How are you finding the player? careful what you use to perform a find, eg do not use ‘FindObjectsOfTypeAll’ for instance as it will find editor assets and such