Unusable PolySpatial performance on official template and simple scenes

Hello everyone, I’m having non-interactive framerates on both the unmodified official visionOS template and on a simple scene with a floating cube, made by removing everything on the hierarchy but a new GameObject from the template.
On the Apple visionOS simulator running on a Macbook Pro M2, both scenes run perfectly.

I’m currently learning how to profile the performance. Here are several screen recordings of both scenes on a Vision Pro and on the simulator:

Here is what my editor looks like in the simple cube scene:

Additional information:

  • Been happening on both visionOS 1.0.3 and visionOS 1.1.1. I tried updating, but it hasn’t helped.
  • Happened across several days, and at both <20% battery and 100% battery.
  • This was with the unmodified unity visionOS 1.1.6 template and PolySpatial 1.1.6.

Let me know how I can help.

Further screen recordings:

I’m happy to report that this issue only happens when using Play To Device. I’ve built the official visionOS template, ran it through Xcode and it runs fine when deployed that way.

I was going to mention this. It looks like everything was through play to device, this uses the network to pass changes over and performance depends on your network speeds and performance.

Glad to hear everything is working well when building out a standalone app.

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