unusual first person camera angle in game mode?

Hi, I’m sure there is a simple answer for this but I can’t find it.

I have a fps type game. But there is this one small level where the player is lying on the ground looking diagonally at the certain objects. The player is not moving, they are supposed to lay there looking at the dialogue and UI elements and then make a choice and go to the next level (thus loading a new scene).

There is not even a character controller in the scene since no one is moving around, just a basic camera.

The problem is, it looks great in scene mode but once I go into game mode, the first person camera returns to the default “standing straight” position. I can’t figure out a way to force it to keep the rotation/angle I assigned to it.

I could try tilting the terrain & setting (so that the terrain itself is angled not the camera) but it messes up my dynamic sky.

A word of advice, please?

TL;DR I need my static first person camera to stay tilted at a weird angle when in game mode, which it refuses to do.

It sounds like the camera position and rotation is being set by a script. If you set the camera’s position in scene mode and there are no external influences (a global script controlling it) then the game scene will not be affected. Prove this by testing in a new empty project.
I was going to suggest creating an empty game object containing the position and rotation of your desired camera position and rotation. Then create a simple script on the camera to assign its transform properties to equal the empty ‘place holder’ game object.
This would work but i suspect it will conflict with whatever else is moving the camera in the first place.