Unwanted lines - maybe shadows?

When I play my game on an iOS device, there is an undesirable line showing. It looks like the line begins on the left side of the player (the sphere) and runs vertically down from the player. The line follows the player around the scene as I play the game. My first thought was that it’s a shadow… but I have turned off shadows on my directional light and in the Project Quality settings. Interestingly, the line does not show up in the Unity Editor, only when playing the app on the device. Any ideas?43710-unwanted-shadows.png

EDIT: So it looks like there is also a light shadow being cast from the camera (I think - it’s casting down onto the floor below the sphere player when playing…) … which also follows the player around the scene. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

A bit late with an answer. But adjusting the bias of the light source will resolve this problem. ie. directional light that is acting as the sun.