Unwanted Mixing of Unity Projects

So… complete noob at Unity here. Had a problem wherein I was running a project for University. Unfortunately, in loading up an example project for help I found that they got mixed together to the point where I can’t tell what is from my project and what is from the example project that was provided to us. Is there any way to really separate the two as it were, so that I know what’s what?

Not from within Unity, unless you are using some kind of version control system, or the Asset Server.

The best approach would probably be to create a new, empty project, import your example project into that, and then find and remove all these files in your current project. You can do that either by hand/visually (you can open two Unity editors using different projects at the same time), or try to write some form of batch script that takes care of it for you, maybe also taking creation/modification time stamps into account. Assuming that you don’t actually use/modified assets from your example project.

But maybe just seeing the example project’s assets in that separate project helps you to determine which assets are affected (e.g., because they are located in certain subfolders, etc.)