Up Down Game , Player Enemy / Walls [Box Collider]

Hi , iam making top down Game based on Cube shooting on Cubes , it was working fine until i wanted
to take it to next level and make a Map and Walls etc . Some one told me change Box Collider 2D
[Is Trigger to false ] it worked but now when my player touch the enemy he dont collide with enemy .

when is Trigger is off :

**GIF : https://gph.is/g/4zgPNjn **

When is Trigger is on :

**GIF : https://gph.is/g/ZYxbG6p **

i assume you use OnTriggerEnter2D => change that event to OnCollisionEnter2D, so you do not need the Trigger/second box collider… you might have a look at the docs about those topics