UPA merge with Authentication 3.1.0

After updating to authentication version 3.1.0 I noticed this warning message in the console:
The Unity Player Accounts feature was merged into the Authentication package. You can uninstall the 'Player Accounts' package.

However, there is no mention of it in the release notes: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.services.authentication@3.1/changelog/CHANGELOG.html

Please, mention important messages like this merge in the release notes! Otherwise it doesn't reflect what you truly are doing and this lessens trust (who knows what else you put into the SDK without mentioning).

Hello @MiTschMR , thank you so much for the feedback, we will update the changelog.

Hi there,
I've successfully updated the code and uninstalled the 'Player Accounts' package.
Also, I've updated the UnityPlayerAccountSettingsAsset and then entered the clientID from the player settings panel.
But it seems that Unity doesn't keep this ClientID anywhere. Once I start the Unity, i have to enter it again. Check the screenshot.


This field is always empty when i start Unity. It's a bug or by design?
I hope it is a bug, as it annoying to enter this code all the time i start Unity.
Or maybe I'm doing something wrong.



The field should persist, this is a bug.
We will investigate!