Update about the future of the Unity Forums & Unity Discussions

The Unity Forum is being migrated and not deleted.

  • Important Dates:
    • July 12 Unity Forums read-only
    • July 15 Unity Discussions read-only
    • July 18 Unity Forums go live on Unity Discussions
  • The data is being preserved:
    • All topics with at least 1 reply or 1 like.
    • All topics younger than 90 days, including topics without replies or likes.
    • All staff topics.
    • All sticky threads.
    • All attachments will be migrated.
    • All private messages of migrated user accounts will be migrated, including attachments.
  • Current Forum thread and post URLs will be preserved as redirects to their new matching content:
    • Embedded media will be migrated.
    • SEO will be preserved.

Hi everyone,

As we mentioned last year, we have been planning to migrate the Unity Forums to Unity Discussions for a while and are excited to announce that we launched a closed beta earlier this week. Our goal is to migrate by the end of July.

Alongside migrating the forum data, we are also working on a redesign of Unity Discussions to integrate the contents of both platforms into a cohesive system. This will create a unified hub for all your inquiries, discussions, collaborations, and more. Please note, that the current state of Unity Discussions does not reflect the new design and informational structure. We’ll share more details about that as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the main reasons why we are moving away from the old forums.

  1. A unified community platform: By consolidating our forum and Q&A sites, you’ll have everything you need in one location. This integration not only simplifies finding answers, showcasing projects, and engaging in discussions but also fosters a stronger sense of community. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious newcomer, you’ll find ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share your knowledge, provide feedback, and discover official announcements across different areas of interest.
  2. Enhanced functionality: The new platform comes with a host of features aimed at improving usability and information discovery. Highlights include customizable notifications based on search queries, topic filters based on families of related tags, more robust anti-spam tooling, and bespoke functionality and styling for different topic types, like the ability to mark a reply as the solution in a “Question” topic.
  3. Better scalability and optimization of community operations: Migrating to a unified modern community platform will allow us to reduce running costs and focus more of our efforts and resources on developing a great platform for all of you. Once we launch, you can expect to see more frequent and regular updates to the platform than before. Through access to the built-in API, we will be able to integrate Unity Discussions closer with internal and external Unity services, for example by automatically gathering and forwarding “Feedback” topics related to certain product areas to the right teams without requiring them to manually sift through entire categories. The end goal is for us to improve the general user experience, help users achieve their goals, and improve the connectivity and engagement between Unity and the Unity community.

We understand that change can be disruptive, but we’re committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for all our members. We appreciate how much you care about the community and recognize the amazing contributions and rich history that have been created in the Unity Forums over the years. We are doing everything in our power to honor this legacy while also addressing long-standing issues related to accessibility and discoverability of content.

Here’s what you can expect during the transition period:

  • Communication: We’ll keep you informed every step of the way through announcement posts on the Forum and on Unity Discussions. Please stay tuned for our next update in early July.
  • Transition plan: The transition will happen as follows.
    • The new design and structure of Unity Discussions will be user-tested in a closed beta.
    • The data will be migrated to Discussions. This is already in progress.
    • We strive to minimize the period during which Forums and Discussions are unavailable to users. You will be notified in advance of the dates when each site will go read-only. Below is the high-level plan:
      • Mid-July: The Unity forums will become read-only and remain in this state until they are shut down. During this time, you can continue to post your questions through Unity Discussions Q&A.
      • Right before the Forums shut down at the end of July, Unity Discussions will become read-only for approximately two days to finalize the migration.
    • Redirects for migrated forum content will be set up to ensure that old links to forum posts will continue to work without interruption.
  • Data migrated into Unity Discussions
    • Users:
      • All valid user accounts that created at least 1 post or 1 like will be migrated.
      • If a forum user already has an account in Unity Discussions, their account information and data will be added to their existing account.
      • Avatars will be migrated unless the existing Discussions accounts already have an avatar selected.
      • Post and like history will be migrated.
      • Signatures will be appended to user bios in Unity Discussions, but they will no longer appear under user posts.
      • Account settings will not be migrated.
    • Topics (threads) and posts:
      • All topics with at least 1 reply, or one like.
      • All topics younger than 90 days, including topics without replies or likes.
      • All staff topics.
      • All sticky threads.
      • Topics and posts with at least 1 reply or 1 like, but no activity in more than 12 months will be migrated as “closed”.
      • Current Forum thread and post URLs will be preserved as redirects to their new matching content.
      • Embedded media will be migrated.
      • Quotes, code blocks, inline codes, collapsable sections, and styling options supported by markdown will be migrated.
      • BB code formatting for font type, font size, font color, and text alignment will not be migrated.
    • Private messages:
      • All private messages of migrated user accounts will be migrated.
    • Attachments:
      • All attachments that have file names will be migrated.
  • Support: We are here to listen to you - our team will be on hand to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please use this thread to share them.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you. Thank you for your continued support and participation.

Your Unity Community Team

Edit 06/28/24: Added a TL;DR summary at the top, clarified that all threads with at least one like will be migrated, and adjusted the threshold of non-activity for topic closure during the migration from 12 to 24 months.

Edit 02/07/24: Added FAQ and preview screenshots of the new design.

Edit 03/07/24: Shared the dates on which the forums and Unity Discussions will become read-only, and when the migration will be complete. July 12 Unity Forums read-only, July 15 Unity Discussions read-only, July 18 Unity Forums go live on Unity Discussions.


Cool beans. Really excited for this new energy from you guys, here’s hoping thing continue to go in a positive direction. This new website is in a word “clunky” hope that improves over time. I do kinda miss the simplicity and ease of use of the old forums.


Glad to hear the consolidation is coming. Two different sites for getting questions answered has caused confusion for people trying to learn, so this will be great for the community long-term. I wish Unity the best of luck with a clean transition.

Will you add more categories? Because the old forum had more sub forums than the new system have categories.

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This is not a forum, is this some kind of an April fools joke or something ?

Will all our support for our Unity assets threads be transfered to the new platform automatically ? And be in exact same browse format ?

Also are you trying to completly destroy Unity community and discussions in the real forum ? I cant see how anyone will use this for discussing as is not a forum.


In what way is this not a forum? There are a good number of new features here that are pretty handy. It’s kinda fun how “gamified” this place is.

A little cleanup to make finding quality forums easier and adding more forums and this place will be very usable. I do find some of the new features to be a little over the top. Just a random example I’m not a fan of seeing a public metric of how many times a post has been edited, I don’t enjoy others seeing how OCD I am.

I think once all the threads are migrated over from the other forums this place will feel more alive, just like the old forum but with a new color scheme and a living feature set that will evolve into the future.

You do have to wonder with the clean slate of this forum if Unity will attempt to improve the general attitude and image they plan to present by stiff arming more restrictions on this forum in a myriad of ways.

Will that mean removing the General forum? Or at least hiding it away to protect the user base from neckbeard rambles and infighting? I don’t know. I live for that sh*t, but I understand the corporate perspective of wanting to shield the rest of the userbase from that sort of toxicity.

This industry was a lot healthier and more vibrant before all the thought police showed up.

It’s an interesting disposition. Companies need to try to create stability and a welcoming environment for new users while minimizing drama that can impede on future success. On the other hand, games are often made by very “passionate” developers who need to shoot their mouths off.

I am very encouraged by Unity’s increasing presence as of late, it’s about time they set the example of professionalism and pave the wave to positive discourse. It’s my hope that we can create a better dialogue not with stiff armed rules or regulations or manipulations of the forum structure, but rather finding it within us to not be a throng of insufferable neckbeards at least in this little corner of the internet.

It’s been a rough few years, at some point i hope this industry can learn to stop pointing fingers, demeaning one another, and get back to obsessing about coding practices, poly counts, sweet new graphics, and all that jazz.


There is a clear distinction between a forum and a feed, this is a feed, is not a paged forum in any way. Finding anything in a topic is impossible with this mode.

E.g. i have a reference page in a thread where the asset developer mentioned something useful and i have bookmarked this page, how is this going to work here ?

This is juts one of a billion other issues with having a feed instead of an easy to access forum.

Of course they could add a paged mode and would be a lot better


You can simply copy the URL that comes from the little number indicating the “time since” that’s at the top right of each post.

For instance: Update about the future of the Unity Forums and Unity Discussions - #9 by nasos_333

This is not any different than the old forums, I would always copy this URL to point to a specific post, rather than the page one.

In fact, you could even just copy the URL from the URL bar, because while you scroll it just updates automatically to point to the post you’re reading. It’s magic! :slightly_smiling_face:


@CiroContns I don’t get the hate for this place either, it’s close to being awesome, a little rough around the edges and untested, but you can tell there’s some good potential here. Just like blackbox! How’s that going?


The pure white text in dark mode is still burning my eyes. Please consider ergonomics.


This forum has bookmarking feature for each post. Try it out under the 3 dot menu.

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Well, looks like i’ll have to get used to this UI real soon. :smile:


Thanks for the update. One question? Will we be using the same UI (Unity Discussions) or the forums UI? I have become rather fond of this UI and theme layout. Also, will you also migrate the Unity Forums categories? I would believe that this might be useful. =)


I wouldn’t mind discussions if we could get rid of infinite scrolling. On topics with hundreds of posts, of which there are many on the forums, that sidebar becomes unergonomic and annoying to deal with.


I think the only thing we can agree on is that we need more open and honest posts from the likes of Chinny in this space. :smiley:

Well, that’s a start I suppose.

Testing? I just made a big post and it seems to have disappeared…

It was flagged as spam, and has been moderated away.

You can give feedback without going on a km high rant at cancel culture and other things, or including slurs and off-topic nonsense.


And how do you know I was moderated? Are you a moderator?

Who’s moderating this forum? What are the rules of posting? These are important guidelines we need to know.

As for my post that was removed as “spam” a short synopsis was we would like to have clear and obvious rules for posting.

We would also like to know if there will be an unspoken ideological bias where feedback will be ignored and attacked based on this bias from the unseen moderators. (adding this question as it seems pertinent)

As I posted in the original thread, I don’t blame you guys for taking a zero tolerance for any sort of agitations.

Now I’ve been moderated and accused of posting slurs without any evidence.

What slurs did I post and to whom did I levy them?

Are you guys going to reduce the length of posts so others wont accidently make this error, or describe the rules of when it’s OK to have a detailed opinion?

I came to this thread in good faith trying to break bread and appeal to each others’ good natures, swear on my life I was attempting to try to improve upon the confrontational aura that these forums have degraded to over the years.

I’m taken aback that this was seen as hostile, that was NOT my intention but that’s just the nature of things these days.

Anyway, I’m really passionate about this stuff, and apologies if it comes off as confrontational from others who are passionate about this stuff. We need to find a way that we can have a constructive and shared dialogue in these parts was all I was trying to say. I will not be the only one posting things in these forums that some will be uncomfortable with. Just as the posts made about my post have in turn made me feel uncomfortable especially seeing as they seemingly come from a source of authority. Ok that’s it. Don’t mean to ramble too long. Any chance of us getting a general forum soon?

Edit: I gotta be straightforward here, vertxxyz and I will do so publicly as you have chosen to expand this conversation to the thread, your behavior here is not befitting of a mod (I just saw the icon next to your name confirming this).

How were you entrusted with these powers? You’re now undeleting posts that I had personally deleted and didn’t want shown, as well as making public defamation claims against me that I believe to be completely uncalled for. At no point did I slander anyone in my post you deleted for “spam”, and it is my total belief that my post that I put some time and care into needs to be read in these parts for EXACTLY the reason it was removed.