Update Box Collider with Skinned Mesh Renderer when animating

I have a primitive human model with armature and animations made in Blender, and I have separate sword model imported with the same armature to copy all the animations of the human model.

When I’m performing attack animation mesh actually follows properly, but problem is that BoxCollider attached to this sword mesh don’t. Besides that all bones of sword skeleton moves also with animation but for some reason base mesh staying stil so the collider do.

Likely solution can be add collider not to the skinned mesh but to the moving bone of the arm on sword skeleton, but it didn’t work good for me bc some asynchrony of the animations. So i stuck with this issue like for a month by now. Any ideas?

You can see the hierarchy and collider staying under legs while skinned mesh moving freely with the arm. Will be appreciating for any suggestions (except for switching to the mesh renderer).

Try attaching the collider to the moving bone instead of the object with SkinnedMeshRenderer.