Update clip name after playableasset updates

I have a timeline clipeditor class that updates my custom clip's name. The OnClipChanged method gets called before CreatePlayable method. So my clip name doesn't update correctly since the name variable is set in CreatePlayable method which is called after onclipchanged. Any way to work around this?

I'm not sure I understand where the clip isn't getting updated.
In the Timeline Window?

CreatePlayable should have no impact on what is displayed

I'm setting a name variable in CreatePlayable method. ClipEditor should update the clip's name from this name variable.

This is my clip editor code:

        public override void OnClipChanged(TimelineClip clip)
            var m_clip = clip.asset as MyClip;

            if ( m_clip != null)

                clip.displayName = m_clip.Name;
                clip.displayName = "Clip";

So this method is executed before the m_clip.Name variable is updated in CreatePlayable method.

Yes, that's expected?
You change the value, then the TimelineClip is updated (and OnClipChanged is called), then CreatePlayable is called, using the information from the TimelineClip to create a Playable.

I don't understand what is wrong in this scenario