Update Function Won't Do If Statements

We have a static var bCounter. bCounter is initialized to 0, and will sometimes be incremented in another function. Every time our script updates it goes through a serious of ifs to determine what to do based on bCounter. However, our script’s update function won’t even recognize when bCounter is 0 (which we are testing for using the print statements.) Why won’t the update even do the first if statement?

function Update () 
if (bCounter == 0)
	print("Still this far!");
else if (bCounter == 1)
	print("Good job!");
	if (bThirteen == true && Time.time - temp13 < 1)
		Stair13.transform.Translate(0,Time.deltaTime * 13.73371,0);
	else if(bThirteen == false)
		bCounter = 0;

To prevent the problem of forgetting to attach a script with static variables to a scene object (which can happen since the static variable “exists”, even if the script is not in the scene), instead of using static variables create a “Manager” or “Controller” script, put it exactly once in your scene, and move all these globally accessible variables to that manager. Then make these variables non-static.