Update() in non-component script?

I'm building a custom input manager since Unity's default one does not satisfy me. I built a custom static class in C# to access all of the set actions, but I need it to check the devices for input constantly.

How to get a function that is executed once per frame in a static class?

Alternatively, how to get a MonoBehaviour-derived static class to execute an update function withot having been linked to a GameObject?

You can't - at some point, you have to have a monobehaviour in the scene to propagate the event

The easiest way is to create a simple script which calls an event in your static class, which other classes register their delegates to


void Update()

//in YourStaticClass:

delegate void UpdatingEventHandler();
public event UpdatingEventHandler Updating;

void Update()
    if (Updating != null)

//in a class wanting to listen to the event:

YourStaticClass.Updating += OnUpdate;  //this goes anywhere, a constructor maybe

void OnUpdate()
    //your code

Another option is that your custom class an implement an interface that you define called IUpdateable (or something like that) which contains a single method, Update(float dt). You can then keep track of these IUpdateables in whatever way suits you and have their Update methods called during a MonoBehavior’s Update in your scene. So, if you have a CoreGameBehavior script or something, its Update method might look like this:

foreach (IUpdateable updateable in this.updateables)

This has a benefit in that your IUpdateable interface need not depend on any Unity libraries.

This is of course a simple version; your needs may vary.

i was doing the same as you - feel free to check my custom input manager out. I released it for free.

Currently it can do this : - read input from joystick buttons and (up to 4) axis - read input from mouse buttons and axis - read input from all keys from the keyboard - save the configuration to PlayerPrefs (and ofcourse load them back) - reset to default keys (which u can setup in the inspector)

Visually im not an artist so u have to pimp it up yourself. This will work in both standalone and webbuilds. Hope this satisfy you - the link is HERE