Update physics for gameobject when time scale is ~0

Hi there,
In a game I am working on, we would like to be able to pause the game play but keep calculating physics on two InteractiveCloth components in the game scene, while the rest of the game is paused.

I set the timeScale to 0.0001 when the game is paused so everything stops updating which is what I want, except for these two cloth objects that I would like to keep waving.

Is there anyway to keep updating the physics for these two objects or am I out of luck?

I have done a lot of searching and it seems like the answer is a resounding “you are out of luck”. Just thought I would ask around because the questions I found did not exactly pertain to what I am trying to do.

I actually just started that, it will be a hell of a work around, but I think the end result will be an incredible effect that will be worth it!

I used this technique: OnPauseGame(),OnResumeGame()