Update scaling and 2d collider/trigger not firing

I have a snowball object that has a 2d rigidbody with a circle collider on it.

When the snowball travels it grows using scale

//Used on LateUpdate() in SnowBall
float travelDist = Vector2.Distance(transform.position, m_lastPosition);
if (m_curBallSize < EndSize && travelDist > 0.01f)
	m_grownSize += travelDistDelta / 10000f;
    SetBallSize(m_curBallSize + m_growSize);

    m_lastPosition = transform.position;

public void SetBallSize(float ballsize)
	m_curBallSize = ballsize;
	transform.localScale = Vector3.one * ballsize;

Now the problem occurs when the ball enters a scorezone, the scorezone has a 2d trigger which is used to reset the snowball, but unfortunately it just doesn’t fire:

//Code used with ScoreZone
void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)
	if (scoreManager)
		//All balls inherit NormalBall class
		NormalBall b = other.transform.GetComponent<NormalBall>();

		if (b)
			Debug.Log(b.name + " hit goal, resetting it");

			//Process scoring
			scoreManager.AddPoints(Player, b.scorePointValue);
			TheScore.Instance.Score += 12;

			//Reset afterwards
			destroyObject = b.gameObject;
			Invoke("LateDestroy", 0f);

When I remove the scaling portion from SetBallSize(); then the trigger works fine and the ball is reset.

Edit: I should mention that the SnowBall inherits NormalBall, which absolutely works fine with the trigger, leading me to believe it is definitely the scaling screwing something up.

Is there a bug or an issue with scaling a 2d rigidbody/collider against a 2d trigger? Or is it just a thing that isn’t supported?

Im a bit confused by this.

I had a similar issue with our last game. We’d scale a gem to make it look like it was shrinking as it got near the center of the goal and sometimes the scaling would mess up the physics, sometimes the triggers. I think the issue may lie in the physics engine not recalculating the collision detection areas as quickly as we’d like it to.
I ended up using a combination of continuous detection on the rb as well as OnTriggerStay. The OnTriggerStay gets called many more times than on enter. So I just had to add logic to the gem’s class to record whether the trigger event had been called on it or not (also modifying it when it leaves),
Hope this helps!