Update the Scene- or Game-View while in background

Hi, I have an plugin asset to control the position of GameObjects through an other application. The positions are set by receiving callbacks from a DLL.

To receive a callback, while the Unity game window is in background, I have to set

Application.runInBackground = true;

This works for a build game.

This works not in Editor play mode (hitting the play button in Editor). The callbacks are not proceeded. In a build game this blocking behavior can be achieved with setting Application.runInBackground=false;

Is there a C# setting to keep the Editor reactive while there is no mouse input or the Editor is in background?

I ask because this has worked without any settings until Unity 5.4 64bit. I have read the change-log and did not find any hint on that.


Uhm setting runInBackground does work in the editor. Keep in mind that when your application requires this generally you can actually set runInBackground to true inside the player settings (Edit → Project Settings → Player → Resolution and Presentation → runInBackground). If this wouldn’t work it would be impossible to test a network game in the editor as the editor has to keep running while in background / not focused.