update transfrom along animation

My character has a “turn left 90 degrees” animation, and I want to crossfade an idle animation after playing this “turn left”. problem is my character’s transform/rotation isn’t updated while playing the “turn left” animation. I’ve been updating the transform after playing the animation with:

float animwait = animation[turnanim].length;
yield return new WaitForSeconds(animwait);

transform.eulerAngles = endRotation;

(having an idle animation in “play automatically”). however, this causes a small glitche, besides the abrupt crossfade.

any hints on how to update my character’s transform/rotation along the playing animation?


If I understand you basically trying to do “animation driven rotation”. That is very hard to do yourself if you want to do blends between animations.

Unity 4.0 will do that for you automatically, IIRC.