Update vs increment

I have counter who’s increment +1 each frame when i press space, and you have to stop this (when you press space again) when it reach 1000.

Sometimes, I want to make this counter go faster(2speed, 3speed, etc) but in the right way (keeps +1 steps).

If i put timescale on 2(or higher) my counter upped 2 by 2, and this not what i want :confused:

I tried to change timestep etc, but the problem is the same when i build and run the project.

Any suggestions for that? it seems we can’t get input down inside frame (get time of input instead frame, or something else?), i’ve made multiples search but didn’t find anything.
Maybe other solution is obvious and i just didn’t think about that.

Sorry for my english


You click on the </> icon that says “preformatted text” on the symbols above (if you are on phone, click the gear icon)

type or paste code here

Then it should give you that prompt above
You could also just do it yourself, just type:


Three times at the top and bottom of your code.

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Replace the +1 increment with a variable and change the variable at random or given times. Idk if you already tried that, so could you please show me the code?