Updated to 2022.1.6f and Plastic SCM is greyed out

I just updated to 2022.1.6f and Plastic SCM is greyed out. The old Collaboration is still there and the button on the top left is also the old collaboration button. The service menu seems to now be the same as all other packages and I can’t find the old Collabortaion package in it only the new Plastic SCM. I’m on the newest version 1.15.18 of Plastic. I also already reinstalled the package and restarted unity several times.

Any idea how to get Plastic back to working?

Hi I’ve just had the same problem.
I was able to solve it by disabling Version Control in Project Settings > Services > Version Control.

After Version Control is disabled the Plastic SCM window is available again. I think in this case Version Control refers to the old Unity Collaborate. Very confusing.

Hope that helps.