Updated Unity, small white lines on some textures in game.

Hey guys. I noticed after I updated Unity, and when I build the game, I often get small white lines in some of my textures. They appear on some things but not the others - so I’m trying to see if anyone else had this issue. The only search results I got from looking on my own are in relation to 2D games and alphas. I don’t think thats my case and I’ll explain why.

When I run the game in Unity, these lines are not present. The game appears as intended, but when I complete a build (for windows) I get small white lines on a lot of textures/objects. I run everything in Point Filter mode for the most part, and I construct my gameobjects in qubicle software, import them into the game from there. The plugin to convert these items in Unity is being used, and the tutorials from the makers (Qubicle plugin) state to make these items us point filter, and to use 16 bits format - which I am.

The white lines will fade and become less noticeable on the level map when you zoom out, but other things such as the cars, and people - you start to see little white lines around every vert block for them almost. These disappear when moving closer…

I’ll keep playing around with the settings and see if I can find a solution but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone had suggestions.

If pictures are needed I’ll try to post them up when able, currently at work and its in the back of my mind buggin’ me.

Thanks guys.

Do you have any screenshots? They would help. I’ve run into something that I think is similar to this. I would shut down Unity and then start it up again, and that would help. Sometimes switching the platform would help too. I haven’t come across this issue recently though.