Updates to our Code of Conduct

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce an update to our Community Code of Conduct, a unification that encompasses our previous codes of conduct across the Forums, Discussions, and Discord (the updates to Discord’s code of conduct will follow soon). This update is effective immediately and aims to clarify our expectations to foster an inclusive, respectful, and productive environment for all members.

Key Updates Include:

  • Consolidated Guidelines: We are replacing the previous codes of conduct across the Forums, Discussions, and Discord with new revisions that are based on the same foundation. This unified approach ensures consistency and clarity across our community platforms. Some platform-specific differences remain in the individual implementations of the guidelines.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Our updated guidelines are designed to be more understandable, making it easier for everyone to know what is expected when participating in our community. We’ve focused on clear language that encourages positive interaction and constructive discourse.
  • Emphasis on Constructive Engagement: The updated guidelines reinforce our commitment to meaningful discussion, mutual respect, and a supportive atmosphere. We encourage all members to contribute positively, share knowledge, and help each other grow in our creative journeys with Unity.

We invite all members to review the updated Community Code of Conduct. Familiarizing yourself with these changes will ensure that our community continues to be a place where everyone can learn, share, and connect in positive and meaningful ways.

Please feel free to ask questions or share feedback on the updated guidelines in the comments below.

Best regards,

Your Unity Community Management Team


Hello @LeonhardP, I was wondering about the guidelines on flagging a post. What are the proper situations to use this function?
For an example:
There was a recent post in the Q&A that instead of sharing formatted code, it had a link to download a client and the code was there.
Is this an appropriate time to flag a post?

I have read the community guidelines but couldn’t find a clear answer so I thought I could ask here.
Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Hi @Waterstudios11, content should be flagged if it violates the code of conduct. There is no rule against sharing links to externally hosted resources so that alone is not reason enough to raise a flag. However, if something looks off about the link and you suspect that it might lead to malicious or promotional content or anything else that might violate the rules, you should flag it.

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Thanks @LeonhardP, that helps a lot.

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