Updating a client SyncVar from another client

Hi, i’m developing a multiplayer game in Unity3d 2022.3.4f1 using Mirror for networking.

In my player prefab i have a script called CallManager with a couple of SyncVar variables (a boolean and a string). In one of my scenes i have some buttons that are instantiated at runtime and each one corresponds to a player connected to the game. Now, i want to make that when i press a button, the associated player receives an update of his syncvars (ex. change the string one or the bool one) so i wrote this function to do this:

void changeSyncVar(string name)
    GameObject player;
    name = name.Substring(0, name.Length - 6);
    player = GameObject.Find(name); //Finding the correct player in scene
    if (player != null)
        CallManager cm = player.GetComponent<CallManager>(); //Get the script component with the syncvars.
        cm.stringname = "new name"; //Update the string syncvar
        cm.ringing = true; //Update the bool syncvar

N.B This function is called by the OnClick event of the button.

My problem is:

If i’m the host (Server + client) i can successfully change the value of a client Syncvar and i see it. Instead, if i’m a client i can’t change the value of another player syncVar. The funtion doesn’t report me any error but i can’t see any update of my syncVars when I’m a client. Can somebody explain or show me how to properly update a syncVar of another client when I’m a client too?

Thanks in advance.