Updating a web based Gallery

Hi There,

I want to set up a web based gallery to show off some of my art in glorious 3D using Unity.

I have talked to my brother about the idea and he would like to display his art too.

I have seen it done and am pretty sure it is something I can do but.....

....We want to be able to update it on a regular basis without re-uploading the level every time we want to add a new piece of work as I can see this type of thing being a bit time consuming and can imagine it would butcher my bandwidth each month.

I may also want to invite friends to display art in my gallery in the future too.

Is there a way to set up the gallery and add 'canvasses' to set locations on display boards on the fly or via a logon system?

I hope you understand what I am rattling on about.



Yes this is possible.

Check out the documentation for the WWW class, in particular WWW Texture which has an example which I believe is similar to the functionality that you're describing.

"Would this also work with normal maps and spec maps?" Yes, although Unity's built-in specular shaders use the Diffuse texture's alpha channel as the spec map, so you have to include the RGB and Spec together in a 4-channel image.

See Material.SetTexture for information about how to assign new textures to a Material's other textures (other than its .mainTexture).

Cool, thank you.

Would this also work with normal maps and spec maps?